Allan Turner
Clinical Director, Affiliate Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Senior Accredited Member of BACP
Approach: Person-Centred
Diploma in Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Facilitators Development Institute, UK
Over 22,200 Clinical Hours
Works with Individual Adults
Works with Couples

With 40 years of counselling experience, the range of presenting problems I have encountered is wide. My primary therapeutic interests now are couples and autism, especially both together! I am known for my clear thinking and expression. Influenced by a former insurance career, I enjoy crafting plain English.

Therapeutically, I endeavour to help clients to find just the right words to express their feelings. I was first Accredited in 1989 and started offering Clinical Supervision to counsellors soon after. In the ’90s, I was an Assessor of Accreditation for BACP.

I am a founder member, and past or current board member, of British and International counselling Associations. I have worked for charitable voluntary counselling organisations. I have been affiliated to most British Employee Assistance Programme Schemes and am now a Director of Counselling Works Ltd, which I founded in 2002.