Our Team

Clinical Director

Allan Turner

MBACP Registered Senior Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Allan is a Senior Accredited Counsellor and starting seeing clients in 1980. He has over 22,000 hours of counselling experience. Originally he came from a financial background, where he qualified to be a Chartered Insurer but found that it seemed to ‘lack soul’. As a Chartered Insurer, he held senior roles with insurance companies, which included extensive travel. This background, and his counsellor training, has resulted in a unique combination of commercial and counselling experience. At this stage in his career, Allan is particularly interested in couples counselling, relationships and adults with Autistic traits.

He is known for his clarity of thought and ability to analyse situations. He is calm and optimistic. Allan enjoys travelling, especially by train, and meeting new people. He is not a fan or large, busy airports.