General FAQS

How much will counselling cost?

We offer a straightforward fee structure. You can expect to pay for a 50-60 minute session:

  • Up to £40 for Qualified counsellors with less than 2,000 hours experience.
  • £40 – £45 for Qualified counsellors with more than 2,000 hours experience.
  • £45 – £50 for Accredited, Qualified counsellors with between 2,000 and 5,000 hours experience.
  • £50 – £65 for Accredited or Senior Accredited, Qualified counsellors with more than 5,000 hours experience.

We also charge a one-off £10 administration fee. The counsellor will collect the £10, along with the first session fee by debit/credit card, BACs, or other means before the first session.

How many sessions will I need?

Some people find that six to twelve sessions are sufficient. Clients with long-standing issues may require more sessions.  It will ALWAYS be your choice and our affiliate counsellors will never pressurise you to have more sessions than you need, we see that as unethical.

Can I see a counsellor in the evenings, weekends, or at different times?

Yes, just let us know your availability and we will aim to find you a counsellor who is able to meet your needs.  Some counsellors may charge a higher fee after 18:00hrs and at weekends.

How quickly can I see a counsellor?

We don’t like waiting lists. We understand that you need help NOW.  We aim to arrange your first appointment within a week. We often do it much quicker than that.  When you first contact us we will spend time talking on the phone to you. We will work hard to understand your needs and match you to a suitably experienced counsellor – you don’t just get the next counsellor on the list.

Phone us on 01908 263 800 or click Contact Us to send us a message.

How will you find me a counsellor?

Visit our Costs & Process page for information on the steps that we take you through to find you a suitable counsellor.

Where will the counselling take place?

We have premises in Milton Keynes and Bedford. We ensure that we provide high quality comfortable premises, which are not used for any other purpose. Our affiliates will NOT see you in their own house, or yours.

Couples Counselling FAQs

Who can attend couples counselling?

Couples; married, in a civil relationship or partners. We also see other combinations such as Parent and adult child (over 16 years old). We also support people who work together and are finding their relationship difficult.

Will the couples counsellor see us separately first?

No, it is rare for us to see couples individually. The counsellor will not take sides or negotiate solutions. The difficulty is in the relationship and so the solution is in each person ‘hearing’ and understanding each other. This is unlikely to be achieved by seeing clients individually.

I don't know if I want to stay with my Partner, is couples counselling still suitable??

Yes it is.  Leaving a relationship is a big, and often painful, step. Particularly if children are involved.  We will not try to steer you in any direction but we do understand that you have important things to explore and understand about each other, even if you are separating.  Couples counselling can support you in doing this.

What is it like seeing a couples counsellor?

Our couples counsellors will listen objectively and fairly to both clients. Obviously the counsellor won’t take sides but they need to genuinely understand the position and feelings of each client and frequently will need to clearly communicate that position to the other partner in a way the other can hear it non-defensively. The counsellor will genuinely value and understand both clients equally.

In most cases the clients will have different positions, and often have different things they hope to get from counselling. It is not unusual for one client to suspect that the relationship is finished, whilst the other one desperately wants it to continue. The couples counsellor will genuinely honour and value both positions, without trying to steer them in either direction.

Will the couples counsellor tell us what to do?

No, it is vital that the couples counsellor does not take sides, does not issue instructions and does not complicate an already difficult situation with their own views and prejudices.  What the counsellor is going to do is to help you to communicate with each other more clearly. This lets you each get your own message across, but equally importantly, understand the other one’s position. The counsellor will try very hard to ensure that each client feels genuinely heard and understood by their partner.

It is also likely that the clients are not completely certain about their own feelings and wishes for the future. The couples counsellor will create a safe environment in which partners can start to get a clearer picture.

Affiliate Counsellor FAQs

What standards do Counselling Works Affiliates meet?

All counsellors are required to have regular clinical supervision of their work. They must see a Supervisor at least once a month.  They must all be members of a Professional Counselling Association with an enforceable code of ethics. Most affiliates are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, whose code of ethics is called “the BACP Ethical Framework”.
All are required to hold individual Professional Indemnity Insurance and be ICO registered.

What training and experience do Counselling Works Affiliates have?

All our affiliates are qualified counsellors.  Our affiliates have different levels of training ranging from Level 4 Diplomas to Level 6 Masters level.  We also have counsellors with experience ranging from a few hundred hours, up to over 20,000 hours.  The main way that we differentiate our affiliates is by the number of client  hours they have achieved, and whether or not they have achieved accreditation.

Accreditation is an independent assessment provided by a national counselling/psychotherapy association.
The association BACP says: “…accreditation schemes aim to recognise the achievement of high standards of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy.”

Can I apply to be a Counselling Works Affiliate?

I’m afraid we are not currently accepting new applications for affiliates.
We are looking for qualified counsellors (minimum level 4 Diploma) to join our team of affiliate counsellors at our premises in Stony Stratford.  Each applicant will need to be (at minimum) BACP Registered, and we are particularly keen to see applications from BACP accredited or UKCP registered counsellors & psychotherapists.  We will also consider applicants who are recently qualified and who are planning to go into counselling as their main career but would like the security of receiving a source of referrals and being part of a counselling community as they build up their practice.
The counsellors we seek need to have flexible working hours; being able to see clients during the daytime as well as in the evenings.  Our affiliates need to be comfortable with using technology, such as online booking systems, and have access to emails on your mobile phone so that you can respond to referral queries promptly.  They will also need their own civil liability insurance and ICO registration.
We will review all applications, and then we will shortlist candidates for interview.  Only those who successfully pass the interview stage will be invited to become Counselling Works affiliates.
 Those interested in finding out more details, and/or receiving an application form, should contact either Allan or Elizabeth at enquiries@counsellingworks.co.uk

Training FAQs

Training for our Couples counsellors

We select our couples counsellors very carefully. They must must be eligible for BACP* Accreditation prior to starting our training. Our own specialist couples training includes:

  • a theoretical understanding of the special issues of couples-counselling,
  • special consideration of confidentiality for couples,
  • legal issues,
  • the Data Protection Act,
  • consideration of clients with social communication difficulties (Asperger’s Syndrome is an example),
  • sensitivity to sexual issues,
  • anger in the counselling room and much more.

We have trained couples counsellors from all over the UK and Ireland although we see our clients in the Bedford and Milton Keynes areas.

Trainee FAQs

Do you offer placements?

We’re afraid that we no longer offer placements as we don’t have the resource to be able to provide the appropriate level of support needed for trainees.

Do you offer agency visits for trainees?

We’re afraid that we are unable to accommodate requests for agency visits.

I'm a person-centred trainee, can you recommend any resources?

Allan has a website which contains a wealth of resources to help person-centred counsellors. Click here for more details.