Individual & Relationship Counselling

Individual Counselling

Life can be tough at times and cause emotional struggles as we try to carry on with daily lives. It can be hard to know what to do and how to move forward.

Counselling can help you with a wide range of personal difficulties. Your counsellor will work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your experiences. The counsellor will not direct you or give advice. The focus is to help you to make sense of your experiences.

In the first session you and your counsellor will get to know each other. We have counsellors who are trained in different theoretical approaches. Some will be more likely to ask questions than others do. The quality linking them all is their desire for you to work at your own pace and to be able to explore the issues that are important to you.

Counselling has a different underlying ethos from the “medical model”.  Your counsellor is likely to be interested in understanding the underlying difficulties you are experiencing.  Our counsellors do not assume that you are broken and need fixing. The counsellor is much more interested in fostering growth and development. The counsellor/client relationship is one of equals – albeit, the counsellor has training and experience, which helps them to create an environment where the client can be who they really are. The counsellor’s objective is your self-knowledge and awareness, which is likely to result in symptoms reduction.

A counselling session lasts 50 to 60 minutes – different counsellors work in slightly different ways. The number of sessions is usually ‘open-ended’ so this could vary between a very few sessions, to counselling that lasts for months, or even years. The important thing is to keep discussing your progress with your counsellor so that you are both understanding the therapeutic journey that you are jointly undertaking.

After a while you may wish to reduce the frequency of sessions. You can discuss this with your counsellor so that you both agree on the best way forward for YOU.

Relationship Counselling

Relationships are important and can be the most meaningful part of life for many people. So, when problems arise that cause conflict, distance, and a block in communication, it becomes very difficult for each person in the relationship.

At Counselling Works we have experienced counsellors, who have undergone approved additional training and are therefore qualified to work with more than one adult. Relationship counselling can help different groups such as partners, work colleagues and adult family members.

In your sessions, you will experience a safe, confidential space, where together you can work through and resolve difficult issues and feelings about them. The aim of your counsellor is that communication between you both improves and a better understanding of each other is gained.

Your counsellor does not take sides, judge who they think is “right” or “wrong”, or tell you what they think you should do or say. Instead, your counsellor will understand and appreciate that each person may be feeling very differently about the problems they experience. Your counsellor will be actively listening to fully understand why each of you feels as you do. This process of exploration enables greater clarity of what may have seemed complex or unreasonable.

Relationship counselling sessions have a duration of 60 minutes. If you were to require them to be longer, this can be arranged. The number of sessions you require is not prescribed. It is guided by what clients feel they need, which you can discuss with your counsellor if you are unsure. Weekly sessions are beneficial when you start, but as the process continues and you feel progress is being made, you may decide to have less frequent sessions.

It is your space where you can each equally receive the understanding, help and support needed to find a resolution that will enable you to move forward in the way that you believe is right for each person.