Costs & Process

The Process

We aim to find you a suitable counsellor, and starting your first session, in around 5-10 working days.   This will depend on the time of year, our counsellor’s availability and your availability. To work quickly, we use email throughout our communication with you. Therefore you will need to have access to email that can be checked regularly to use our service.

Below you will find the steps that we use to find you a counsellor.  You can also find information about the fees you should expect to pay depending on the experience and qualifications of the counsellor.

Stages of the process

Before contacting us, visit our affiliates page to give you an idea of the likely fees. Think about your availability to see a counsellor over the next 10 days when you will have your initial session. Also, consider your weekly availability. Then contact us either by using our contact us form, email or by telephone.
We will arrange to call you at a time that works for both of us to understand your counselling needs. We are not available to speak to you after 18:00hrs/6 p.m., so you will need to be available during the day. After we have spoken, we will send you an email containing the legally required 'consent form'. Before we can proceed, we will need you to press the green "consent" button in that email.
When we have received your consent, we will approach counsellors who can work with your 'presenting issues', your budget, availability and any other relevant requirements. This process usually takes about 48 hours.
Once we have found a suitable counsellor, we will contact you by email. We will tell you about the counsellor, the days and times that they are available and their fee. We will ask you to reply to our email promptly if you would like to proceed with this counsellor.
After you have confirmed that you want to proceed, we will give the counsellor access to your details via our secure site.
Your counsellor will contact you to arrange your first session at our premises in Stony Stratford. They will also arrange to collect the first session fee plus a one-off £10 admin fee in advance of the first session. The appointment is only confirmed when payment has been made. Should you need to to re-arrange this appointment or future sessions, please discuss this with your counsellor as soon as possible. Late cancellation charges may apply.


For counselling to be effective, most people attend a one-hour session once a week. Sometimes fortnightly sessions can be arranged, if appropriate. Monthly sessions are not available at the beginning of counselling.

Think about your total financial commitment. Some people find that six to twelve sessions are sufficient. Clients with long-standing issues may require more sessions.

We offer a straightforward fee structure. You can expect to pay for a 50-60 minute session:

  • Up to £40 for Qualified counsellors with less than 2,000 hours experience.
  • £40 – £45 for Qualified counsellors with more than 2,000 hours experience.
  • £45 – £50 for Accredited, Qualified counsellors with between 2,000 and 5,000 hours experience.
  • £50 – £65 for Accredited or Senior Accredited, Qualified counsellors with more than 5,000 hours experience.

We also charge a one-off £10 administration fee. The counsellor will collect the £10, along with the first session fee by debit/credit card, BACs, or other means before the first session.


Accreditation is an independent assessment provided by a national counselling/psychotherapy association.
The association BACP says: “…accreditation schemes aim to recognise the achievement of high standards of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy.”