Benefits of Counselling

Why Counselling?

Counselling can be of enormous benefit when you are experiencing difficulties that can dominate your life, affecting your emotional well-being. By choosing counselling, you take a positive step towards change. This is likely to improve your emotional well being now and for the future. Whether you require individual or couples counselling, Counselling Works does not have a waiting list. You can begin your counselling within days of contacting us.
Why see a counsellor
Sometimes talking to friends and family can increase your confusion. While well intended, they may offer conflicting opinions and might be emotionally invested in the outcome. This can be the advantage of seeing a counsellor, who is not in your life. Your counselling will be confidential. You will be heard without judgement and receive genuine respect, understanding and acceptance of who you are and what you have experienced.
How does it work?
To be able to talk freely and be understood can be a great relief and lighten your emotional burden. Your counsellor will be guided by you and works with you at your pace. This will help you to feel less isolated by your issues. The developing counselling relationship helps you to feel safe to be yourself in an honest way. This lets you explore previous unvisited areas. Your counsellor will help you to talk about, and process, difficult thoughts and feelings.
Counselling works because positive change is fostered by being able to express and work through your issues. You can experience: 1) a deeper understanding and greater self awareness, 2) clarity resulting in a new/different perspective, 3) more confidence in making decisions and 4) improved self-esteem and a sense of empowerment. You can achieve this, and we will be there with you all the way!


We sometimes say that we ask our affiliated counsellors the questions that any client should ask a counsellor, but most clients don’t know what the questions are.

We not only ask our affiliates questions but also check the accuracy of the answers. 

So we check:

  • Counsellors qualifications. Have they actually got the qualification they claim? Did they even finish the course?
  • How many hours of experience do they have as a counsellor, and in counselling related activities? We continue to monitor this, at least annually? 
  • Is their practice supervised by a Supervisor who has an understanding of their theoretical approach to counselling?
  • Are they a member of a counselling association which has a Register which is independently accredited by the Professional Standards Authority
  • If they claim to be individually Accredited (or Senior Accredited) by BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) or UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), we check that they are on the public register.
  • Are they insured for civil liability and public liability risks?
  • Have they had a claim against them?
  • Are they registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office?
  • Do they have a privacy statement which is GDPR compliant?

None of our counsellors are trainees.

We pride ourselves on making counselling arrangements for our clients very quickly, usually within seven days.

We are transparent with prospective clients and will provide any of the above information about an affiliate counsellor if requested.

We ask all clients to give us feedback about our counselling affiliates.

All counselling is provided in our office in Stony Stratford High Street, not in the counsellor’s private house.

There is ample free parking near our office. Every new client is provided with a map (which we send by email) to help them find the various free car parks in Stony.

We take price into account and try to balance between the fee a client is hoping to pay per session with the level of training and experience the client’s clinical needs and history require.

We started our counselling business in Milton Keynes in 1999. This means that we not only bring a wealth of clinical experience but also we are also a robust business that has weathered the economic cycles of the 21st century.