Allan turner

SNCPS ( Senior Accredited Counsellor)

My background

All of my work, with couples and individuals, is "Person-centred". This approach takes an optimistic view of human nature. I intend to work collaboratively with my client (or clients). By offering a deep acceptance of the client, they do not feel a necessity to defend themselves psychologically. They come to understand themselves meaningfully and are less likely to resist change.

I started counselling in 1980 and became a clinical supervisor in 1987. I have been a founder member of and held office in various counselling organisations in the UK and Europe.

My interest has always been in working with couples, which has led me to work with Autistic clients. (I don't use the word "disorder" because I don't view autism as a disorder.) 

For almost 20 years, I was the Clinical Director of Counselling Works Ltd. The company was forced out of business by the pandemic. All my work is online, and my clients come from all over the U,K and further afield.



Areas of specialisation:
Couples, Adult Autism, Nuero Diversity, Supervision
Independently Accredited:
Registration number NCS22-05037
Code of Ethics
NCS Code
Highest qualification:
Person-centred Diploma Counselling and Psychotherapy
Total hours of counselling experience:24,400 hours in Jan 2024
Theoretical orientation:
Person-centred ONLY
Fee range:
£65 for couples if both are working, reducing to £55 for individuals or if one is not working full time.
Methods of payment available:
BACS payment when I send an invoice
Media of contact:
Zoom. (Partners can be in different places)
+44 (0)7 968 321 898