Counselling Works offers a full range of Counselling Services in Milton Keynes to Individuals, Couples, and talking therapy professionals. Our Counselling Service is fast, honestly priced and of high quality.

Benefits of Counselling

Counselling can be of enormous benefit when you are experiencing difficulties that can dominate your life, affecting your emotional well-being. By choosing counselling, you take a positive step towards change. This is likely to improve your emotional well being now and for the future.

Individual Counselling

Counselling is your space where you can receive the understanding, help and support needed to find a resolution that will enable you to move forward in the way that feels right. This process of exploration enables greater clarity of what may have seemed complex and unchangeable.

Relationship Counselling

At Counselling Works, we have experienced counsellors, who have undergone approved additional training and are therefore qualified to work with more than one adult. Relationship counselling can help different groups such as partners, work colleagues and adult family members.

Why Us?

Counselling Works aims to:

  • Provide a high quality counselling service to all our clients.
  • Ensure that the service is provided quickly and efficiently.
  • Accurately assess the quality of all services the company provides.
  • Be the counselling agency of choice for affiliate counsellors and private clients.
  • Constantly improve the efficiency of the company’s operations by the sensitive use of technology.
  • Provide high quality Training and Continuing Professional Development for the counselling community.